Waste and Recycling Changes

A message from The Town of Carleton Place:


Effective July 1, 2023, the Town of Carleton Place’s curbside recycling program will be under the management of Circular Materials Ontario. With this transition, industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) properties will no longer be eligible for curbside recycling services. In addition to the ICI properties, municipal buildings, daycares, and places of worship, and not-for-profit organizations are also excluded from the new Extended Producer Responsibility program. As such, these non-eligible properties will need to make private arrangements for

the disposal of their recycling including their cardboard.

We understand this is a significant change for those businesses that are currently participating in the curbside recycling program. We would encourage businesses to reach out to Emterra at 613-452-7555 to make private arrangements for the collection and processing of your recyclable materials.


The FoodCycler™ is an electric appliance that offers in-home, countertop processing of food waste that is comparable in CO2e emissions to central composting (minus transportation costs and emissions) and backyard composting (if done correctly). Regular use of the appliance should not cost more than $4 per month in electricity and offers a >95% reduction in CO2e emissions compared to sending food waste to landfill.  Consider a FoodCyler for your business common areas or lunch room.

Please visit our website at FoodCycler (carletonplace.ca) for additional information about participating in the program