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The Dress ShopThe fashionista loves what she wears, she defines her personality through her wardrobe choices. Fashion is, to her, about creative expression and feeling amazing! Knowing what she wears is flattering to her shape, colouring and personality is of importance to her!  The conscious fashionista takes fashion to higher level, knowing what she wears has been ethically sourced is important to her as well as looking great. Her motto isn’t just “Look good, feel good”, it’s more like “Look good, feel good, do good”.

Enter… Slow Fashion.  The slow fashion movement is about the fashion industry adapting methods toward creating social and environmental benefits.

Increasing the capacity of the well-being of people and communities by designing and producing pieces on site is the philosophy of slow-fashion. The small studio eliminates or greatly reduces the need to outsource from other countries where people may be working in oppressive and dangerous conditions.  It also allows the customer to invest their money in building the economy of their country and communities.

Slow fashion honours the craft and passion of artists. Investing in hand-made quality pieces makes sense, from a financial investment point of view. How much money have you wasted on wear-wash-wear-toss items?  Ethical fashionistas love to support the creative work of their community members. Celebrating the skills and talents of others, as well as keeping the money local is forward-thinking and the only way that we can progress away from depleted job markets and low paid labour.

The small studio also offers peace of mind for the environmentally conscious. The fashion industry is the second most damaging industry in the world, regarding environmental toxins and waste. When purchasing from The Dress Shop, one can have the option of investing in designs from our in-house label: Dominica Maazur. We use Canadian fabrics and the line is designed and produced on site. We also have a selection of items, made with sustainable fibres, such as bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton. These fibres greatly reduce the carbon imprint on the planet.  The other labels that we carry in the shop are over 80% Canadian.

Slow Fashion also offers a custom fit, a service that is highly sought after by those who appreciate quality and excellence. Pants too long/short? Sleeve too wide? No problem!  Go for coffee, we’ll have it fixed in a couple of hours. Want a different fabric for that dress? Want it longer in the waist, shorter in the hem? No worries, my dear! We’ll custom make you that perfect dress/top/pant! And by the way, that service is included in the ticketed price! Struggling to find clothes that fit off the rack? Why are you wasting time wandering a mall frustrated? Come and see us at The Dress Shop, where our patterns are cut for real women and we recognize and celebrate the diversity in shape and personality of our clients!

Yes, we have slow fashion, right here in Carleton Place. The owner/designer, Olena Androschuk has brought her experience of years of working in high-end city fashion houses to the quaint town of Carleton Place. She is a highly trained fashion designer, with a keen eye for perfection and beauty in her patterns.  The staff, Annemarie, Lila, and Chris are seasoned fashion stylists with a passion for fashion and excellence in customer service.

We look forward to your visit and welcome you to the studio!

The Dress Shop

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