September BIA Board Meeting

We will continue to utilize ZOOM to conduct our monthly meetings.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 9th at 6:30. For ZOOM information please email us:

If you would like to address the board directly, we can add you on an upcoming Board meeting agenda as follows:

    • The agenda will allocate 15-20 minutes for your presentation and board discussion. As such, I recommend you choose your highest priority topic (or perhaps two) for your presentation
    • Your agenda submission must be received (at ) at least one week before the BIA Board meeting date (BIA Board meetings occur the 2nd Wednesday of each month)
    • Your agenda submission should¬†include the
      • The topic name
      • A brief description of the need or goal
      • All presentation material. Ideally in electronic form such as PowerPoint, but paper is acceptable.
      • The concise “ask” of the board. This should be one sentence and will form the basis of a motion, should a board vote be appropriate.
    • If your “ask” requires funds and/or BIA staff time, please come prepared to answer such questions during the meeting.
    • This material will give the board sufficient time and information to prepare and thus maximize everyone’s time at the meeting.
Additionally, as a recommendation, before you give a presentation, I would encourage you to attend a few Board meetings so you can see what issues we face, what ideas are tabled and learn first-hand more about our mandate and how we are working to promote our downtown.
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