Covid-19 Second Wave: Screening Tool

Notice to Workplaces re COVID 19

As we enter the second wave of the COVID 19 Pandemic, it is critical for workplaces to have plans in place to protect their employees and customers from COVID 19.  A new direction from the province requires employers to screen all workers or essential visitors prior to entering the work environment.

A screening tool for workplaces can be accessed at

The following actions will help prevent the spread of COVID 19 throughout your workplace:
•screen workers before entry into the workplace
•support people with symptoms to self-isolate
•ensure people maintain a physical distance of 2 metres or more
•disinfect surfaces and objects
•support hand hygiene, particularly handwashing
•remind workers about good cough and sneeze etiquette and to avoid touching their face
•work with the local public health unit if any workers have COVID-19 or are exposed to someone with COVID-19

Workplaces should perform their own risk assessment and follow site-specific recommendations.
Should a positive case be identified in your workplace it is important to have a system in place so you can provide information about which people had close interactions with a worker who has tested positive.  This information will help speed up contact tracing by public health.

Please note your workplace is not expected to reach out to possible contacts, this is the role of public health and we will assess the individual’s risk and provide advice on the next steps, including self -isolation and who should get tested and the appropriate timeline.   The following information will be required:
•date and approximate length and frequency of interaction
•full names
•contact telephone numbers
•addresses (for workers) or the name of the visitor’s business
Together we can reduce the impact of COVID 19 on your workplace and the community.

Access the release from the Ontario government HERE

More information on re-opening, as well as posters and graphics for the workplace, can be found on the Leeds and Grenville, Lanark Health Unit website which can be found HERE

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