Business Walk event in downtown Carleton Place

Business Walk Carleton PlaceA “Business Walk” is a day on November 10th that will be dedicated to learning more about your local businesses through face-to-face interviews on their turf.  Local leaders visit each business with the hopes of gathering the knowledge that they need to help their community and strengthen relationships.  The responses collecting during the walk are used to generate a simple, easy-to-read report that decision makers can use to help strengthen their local businesses.

There are several good reasons for holding a Business Walk. They include helping to  understand the issues facing the local business community, building working relationships between decision makers and local businesses, celebrating and promoting local businesses and providing local businesses with educational resources.

There are a few different questions that will be asked by those conducting the Business Walk. The questions will focus on three primary areas: How is business? What do the business owners like about their community? What can be done to help the business succeed?

Once the walk is completed a follow up report will be prepared. The report, which will be put together by those who organized the event and the responses to the asked the questions, will contain the following:

  • Purpose of the walk
  • Description of methodology
  • Summary of the questions
  • Summary of common themes and acknowledgements
  • List of resources for next steps
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