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Canadian Career Academy

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Work 92 Bridge St P.O. Box 162 Carleton Place Ontario K7C 3P3 Work Phone: 613-257-3237 Work Fax: 613.253.5003 Website:


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The Canadian Career Academy has delivered employment services to our community since 1986. CCA is part of the Employment Ontario service providers network and, as such, there are no charges for their services.

Their Employment Resource Centre (ERC) provides services to both employers and job seekers in the Carleton Place, Mississippi Mills and surrounding areas.

For job seekers there is information on careers and occupations, employment trends, job search strategies and training opportunities that are all available through their Resource Centre.  Whether you are a youth or adult and are unemployed or underemployed CCA is your access point to the funded programs and employment services that are offered through Employment Ontario.

If you are an employer, the ERC staff can help you post your job postings on both their in-house and online job board, job match and refer suitable clients for consideration and, in some cases, assist with onboarding costs and training.  Their Employment Team consists of two on-site Job Developers that are available for your company’s staffing and training assistance, at no cost to your business.  There are a variety of excellent support programs for employers.  Here’s a brief outline of what some of these programs are:

JMPI:  Offers a financial incentive, if required, to support the success of your new hire should they require additional training or support.  Amount of financial training incentive would be determined at time of hire.

EYTI:  Supports small businesses by providing a financial incentive to hire and retain youth age 15 – 29.  An employer will receive $1000 upon hiring, followed by an additional $1000 retention bonus at 6 months on the job.

YJL:  Helps youth new to the workforce by providing a financial support to help with the expense of work clothes, etc.

COJG:  This is the training grant that businesses need to take advantage of.  This grant provides an opportunity for employers to invest in their workforce.  The Grant covers 5/6 for employers under a 100 employees, and 50% for employers of 100 and over, of the direct training costs up to $10,000 per trainee.  If you are under 100 employees, and will be training and hiring, unemployed participants are eligible for 100% of direct raining costs up to $15,000 per participant.  For all the details on these programs give CCA a call.  Before you hire or initiate a training plan it is best that you contact CCA to find out if your company can benefit from these programs.

Together, the Canadian Career Academy and Employment Ontario are committed to helping employers achieve business success.

Follow the Canadian Career Academy on Facebook to see some of the things going on in their centre.  Employers can go to CCA’s Employer Services group on Facebook to get important information for employers.  Or see their website for a more detailed view of the services offered.

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92 Bridge St P.O. Box 162 Carleton Place Ontario K7C 3P3