bia_bucksWhat is the BIA Buck?

A BIA Buck is our standard dollar used on a regular basis by the consumers in our community. BIA Bucks are an economic booster to our BIA members and enable consumers to contribute to BIA retailers. The BIA Buck is available to the public and can be purchased from the BIA office. For special events the BIA will donate BIA Bucks to be awarded as prizes. In some cases, a 10% discount has been offered to non-profit groups fundraising opportunities to sell the BIA Bucks themselves and receive 10% back from the BIA for their fundraising cause. Many local organizations have purchased BIA Bucks as staff appreciation gifts and for other types of employee incentives.

What businesses can accept them?

All participating businesses within the BIA district can accept the BIA currency and will be provided full reimbursement by the BIA office.

See current list of participating businesses

How does a business get reimbursed for the BIA Buck?

Reimbursement for the BIA Bucks is obtained by submitting them to the BIA office in an envelope along with the name of your business and contact information. Businesses have the option of picking up or having the reimbursement cheque mailed. It will take approximately one week for a cheque to be issued by the town and sent to you.

Where can I get BIA Bucks?

BIA Bucks are available for purchase at the BIA office located at the Town Hall, The Granary located at 107 Bridge Street and Valley Design located at 22 Lake Avenue East.

Expiration Dates: There is no expiration date on BIA Bucks.

Inform Your Employees: In order for the BIA Bucks program to be successful, employees at your business must be made aware that you plan to accept BIA Bucks. Please take the time to inform all employees of the BIA Bucks program.

Does your business need more information? Contact Cathie McOrmond at the BIA office located in the town hall at 175 Bridge Street call 613-257-8049 or email