2015 BIA Business Survey Results

Thank you to Carleton Place BIA Members who participated in this survey. The document was completed in December of 2015. The insights from our membership are valuable to the BIA Board and will assist in determining how to best support the membership. What changes have we made based on this survey? The BIA has determined the Maskeraid Halloween parade does not provide our membership benefit and has been cancelled. The survey shows us more events and activities are wanted downtown. In order to create and sustain regular downtown events the BIA will be hosting their regular events but are inviting with community groups to host a downtown event. This year the BIA will play a strong role in supporting retail recruitment in order to fill downtown vacant space.

We look forward to surveying you again in 2016.




The BIA is investing in a stronger on-line presence. How important is each of the following in promoting downtown business:


Please rate the following downtown events as a benefit for your business


Please rate the following events as a benefit to the greater Carleton Place community:

Do you think the BIA should be hosting a new event? Please describe the type of event that might benefit the downtown community.

  • Halloween Event / Haunted House (coordinate)
  • Events such as Ladies night out were big success for our store. Other types of events like this would be much appreciated.
  • Maybe adding on to Bridge St Bazaar? i.e. buskers, Ribfest, poutine fest, beer fest
  • Yes. I think a good brainstorming session would be great. Girl’s Night Out has the potential to bring a lot of women to shop downtown, if it is well organized. I think the Christmas Open House could also be very successful if we all worked together.
  • Music Riverside Jam Closed down the street for all Business and on Sunday in summer months Get All the main street Business involved.
  • Close bridge street and have a restaurant focused event
  • The type of event that benefits our business are events that attract people who live in CP to come downtown rather than those events that promote tourism
  • Yes Leave downtown lights on all summer bus tour for seniors in Ottawa with discount for customers
  • A beer market of local Ottawa valley breweries
  • Expand on the Ladies Night Out for a pre-Christmas event.
  • A fair would bring more people from outside of town to CP. and if we had it downtown the BIA could really benefit from the increased sales.
  • food and drink related in the downtown
  • BIA passport shopping (like the glebe does)
  • BIA vender days for retirement homes
  • woman’s town fashion show which includes all fashion stores in town as a group effort to raise money for a local charity. Hair and makeup salons can be part as well.
  • Heritage town event
  • shopping flyer like the pamper yourself flyer
  • busker event or any event promoting our local businesses using our very large outside grounds at CCWG…its FREE!!
  • Busker festival with local talent and vendors, live music, kid’s activities on Main Street.