Apple Cheeks ‘write’ at home in former newspaper office location!

aaapleConsignment shop expanding its selection of new product items For many years, 53 Bridge St. was home to the Carleton Place Canadian newspaper. Now Apple Cheeks is writing its own business story at this familiar location. In the summer of 2012, Krista Lee relocated the consignment store here. Having owned the business since 2000 and in need of more space, she decided to move up street to this site when approached by some members of St. John’s Masonic Lodge No. 63, which own the building, about the premises being available. While Krista acknowledges it was a “scary” decision at the time, the move turned out to be a good one in several ways. “This is at least six or seven times bigger than where I was, plus there is a storage area,” she notes. In addition, “it is bright, it is easy for people to get in and out — it is a comfortable space.” Although the walls, with their bold yellow and blue hues, are certainly a lot brighter than the previous décor, Krista has left intact other aspects of the former newspaper office such as the panelling and massive wooden front counter. And like the newspaper office, she says there is still “a community feel”. “I like to think it is like a drop-in centre,” she states. “Some people come in to shop, some people come in just to hang out.” One of the areas of Apple Cheeks that tends to be a popular gathering spot is the books, toys and games section where children are encouraged to try out the items available for sale. “We just call them toy testers,” she jokes. “Sometimes, it is like a play group. It is pretty kid friendly.” applecheeks3Apple Cheeks also carries a wide array of consignment clothing from newborn right up to teen sizes, maternity wear, children’s footwear and equipment. “We are always putting out new consignment items,” Krista says. “We have over 1,200 people that supply stuff on a fairly regular basis.” While Apple Cheeks is first and foremost a consignment store, it does stock hand crocheted hats, complete with Elsa and Anna hats from the movie Frozen. And as the store begins the next chapter in its business story, Krista is expanding the selection of new items being sold. “I’m looking for things that people are either going out of town for or online,” she states. “The more you have available for people to shop in town, the more they will shop in town. What we are looking for are quality products that will hold up and are worth the value you are paying for them.” applecheeksThat includes items like Muddy Buddy one-piece splash suits, Superfly Kids capes, Munch Mitt baby teething mittens, Knot Genie detangling brushes and Piggy Paint natural non-toxic odourless nail polish. The front section of Apple Cheeks is being re-organized to showcase the new product lines. While the store already does a lot of pre-orders on new items, Krista is looking at introducing some form of online shopping as well. “I find retail is changing and you need to change with it,” she remarks. Check out Apple Cheeks’ ever changing stock of gently used and new items, as well as meet Krista, Robyn Roy who works part-time and Kanielle who is a regular volunteer there through Lanark County Support Services, by stopping by its 53 Bridge St. location. The store is open seven days a week – Monday to Wednesday, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 9:30 to 5 p.m.; and Sundays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Parking is available both in front of and behind the building. You can also visit the store’s website at or its Facebook page for information on Apple Cheeks’ latest offerings. Being part of Carleton Place’s downtown business core is a positive in Krista’s view. Along with the downtown being home to a variety of businesses, she feels “you get good personal service downtown from everywhere you go to. I find everyone is pretty accommodating. They also work with each other.” applecheeks2Krista experienced that spirit of teamwork firsthand among neighbouring businesses and some of her consignors when she relocated Apple Cheeks to 53 Bridge St. in 2012.  Scaffolding and shelving were provided, as well as assistance with the painting at the new location, the move and setup of merchandise. “It was a group effort for sure,” she relates. Appreciative of the support Apple Cheeks has received from the local community, Krista is doing her part to pay it forward. For people who drop off consignment items at the store and don’t want any payment in return, proceeds are put into one of 12 accounts she has set up. Among the beneficiaries are local schools, the Terry Fox Foundation, Lanark County Food Bank and the Lanark Autism Support Group. “It is just a way of giving back,” Krista says, adding that the person dropping off the item “feels good it is going to something good.”

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